Douglas Leach Architecture specializes in crafting custom homes across the South Bay and beyond, combining over three decades of expertise with an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Our personalized approach ensures that each project is tailored to reflect your unique vision, resulting in timeless living spaces that elevate your everyday experience.



Beachy Craftsman homes blend timeless craftsmanship and coastal charm, creating warm, detailed spaces that perfectly encapsulate the relaxed and joy-filled lifestyle of Southern California's beachside communities.

The perfect blend of the ageless charm of Craftsman design and the relaxed feel of Southern California's coast. These homes combine the Craftman's famous care for details, the use of natural materials, and the love for handcrafted aesthetics with the laid-back vibes of the beach. These homes are known for their wide porches, open rafters, and detailed woodwork, but they also adopt the open layouts, the numerous windows, and the lovely outdoor spaces characteristic of coastal homes to make the most of the area's sunlight and beautiful ocean views. The result is a traditional yet uniquely coastal home that is warm, welcoming, and subtly elegant, perfectly suited for the relaxed Southern California beach lifestyle.

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Seaside serenity meets artisan detail in these Beachy Craftsman homes.